Gulf states’ pact with the devil

On 13 August the normalisation of relations (the Abraham Accords) between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel was announced in a fanfare of flags and smiles from the leaders of both sides and the US president Trump, who is taking credit for brokering this ‘peace’ deal of the century. It is well known to … [Read more…]

Coronavirus and the world economic depression of 2020

US imperialism steps onto the path of full spectrum war against China [The following article, by Dr Ranjeet Brar, has been written as an Appendix to Harpal Brar’s forthcoming book, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, which will be available via the CPGB-ML website later this year]. In December, 2019, a local outbreak of pneumonia of initially … [Read more…]

The police murder of George Floyd

Masses mobilise worldwide against US racist murder It almost seems like déja vu watching another black man murdered by police on our screens, except this isn’t really a re-run of a past event, it’s an ongoing continuation of a policy of dividing workers along racial lines and keeping them in their given places through extremely … [Read more…]

The toppling of the mighty

At the moment a sizable number of statues are coming down around the world as the unfettered police racist murder of George Floyd in the US has drawn attention to the link between racism and black slavery. Britain was of course was the major slave trading country, bringing enormous wealth to the slave traders who, … [Read more…]

Supreme court ruling overturns Israel boycott ban – for now

What can workers do to stop this advance from being rolled back by Parliament? Back in 2005, in response to Palestinian calls for the international community to withdraw support from the Israeli apartheid state, a global campaign of boycott was initiated that aimed to boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) the Zionist regime into compliance with … [Read more…]

Hong Kong and the British government’s servile stupidity

The latest anti-China hysteria being provoked in the UK around the protests in Hong Kong and China’s supposed culpability in connection with the coronavirus pandemic amount to nothing more than the screams of rage of a fading imperialist power confronted with a power which is swiftly rising to prominence in the world. Martin Wolf of … [Read more…]

Iran smashes the blockade on Venezuela

In a stunning display of solidarity and courage, Iran has successfully dispatched five Iranian-flagged tankers loaded with petrol to Venezuela, asserting the legal right of the two countries to trade with whomever they wish and breaking the criminal blockade imposed by US imperialism. From the moment the tankers set out from Iran in mid-May, Iran … [Read more…]

Bank of England must hand back Venezuela’s gold

When Hugo Chávez took power in Venezuela in 1998, a chain of reaction was set off among the Venezuelan comprador elite and the US imperialism it served. The stratagems and dirty tricks that have been used to take this country back to its former position of being ‘owned’ by the US are many and varied, … [Read more…]