China’s resistance to the US trade war

China’s defensive measures China is taking strong measures to defend itself against the trade war the US has launched against it. For example, The Times of 30 May 2019 gives details of how it is increasing its soya crop in order to avoid having to import soya beans from the US. The Times reports: “Almost … [Read more…]

Brexit and the Tory leadership race

The donkey derby to replace the outgoing Theresa May as British Prime Minister is fast approaching the final furlong. Only two riders are now left from an initial pack of thirteen. Before the race even began, three of the contenders withdrew after failing to receive the requisite support of even the eight MPs required to … [Read more…]

Comrade Josef Skala speaks in Britain

Comrade Josef Skala from the Prague branch of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM) gave two insightful talks this weekend (15-16 June 2019), the first in Birmingham on Saturday evening, and the second in central London on Sunday. In his talks to members of the CPGB-ML, Dr Skala recalled his youth in socialist … [Read more…]

Brexit, profiteers and the NHS

The American threat During his recent visit to Britain the US President Donald Trump caused widespread horror in the bourgeois press when he stated that, in negotiations for any post-Brexit US-UK trade agreement, everything, including the NHS, would be on the table. Within a very short time, however, the President seemed to have backtracked on … [Read more…]

Iran – False flags flying over Hormuz Straits

Advisors to US President Donald Trump are routinely frustrated by the President’s seemingly limitless ability to play down rising tensions with Iran. Despite mock imperialist media outrage over alleged Iranian attacks on oil tankers, and the shooting down of a US drone in mid-June, President Trump has yet to light the fuse on what would … [Read more…]

British imperialism announces: there is no peace, only war

Clausewitzs’ famous aphorism, that war is a continuation of politics, by other means has been given a 21st century update by General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, the British Chief of the General Staff. Speaking to a conference of defence chiefs Sir Mark explained that there was now no war and peace, only permanent war which he … [Read more…]

Shifting sands in the Middle East

With jihadists and their imperialist backers holed up in Idlib province there was a wave of media coverage in June as the Syrian Arab Army moved to liberate the area. British and US diplomats and politicians along with the corporate media were keen to frame the story as being one of a civilian population under … [Read more…]

Ukraine – Zelensky begins to show his true colours

Ukrainian elections, which returned a TV comedian for President, raised as many questions as eyebrows. The winner, Volodymyr Zelensky, has been said in many quarters to represent a bright ‘new direction’ for Ukraine, a ‘breaking of the mould’, and a ‘new dawn’, in short, all the usual nonsense uttered by imperialism when it backs every … [Read more…]